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Reagents for Research and Biotechnology Service

KeyGEN has built 8 biotechnology service platforms for life science research, providing over 1,000 laboratory solutions. It possesses core technologies that include plasmid vector construction, molecular cloning, expression of proteins with high purity and high activity. The company has built 24 product lines with five major product libraries. KeyGEN also owned the third-largest commercial human tumor cell banks in China and the leading domestic full-automatic filling production line of culture medium. Products of Annexin V, TUNEL, Caspase detection, and the protein purification series are highly reviewed. The number of SCI papers published by foreign and domestics customers is more than 30,000, with the highest influence factor of 18 points. Owned more than 70 distributors, KeyGEN has served over 200 institutions, including hospitals, universities and research institutes, growing strongly at a pace of 40% annually in the recent five years.